Thousand Years of Sleep

A nightmare is woven - The story of Frederick Rukeger

Jason engle illusionist 2346004982The wizard was stumbling in the dark hallway desperately trying to escape his pursuer, looking back over his shoulder to see if the shadows were catching up with him. He reached into his black robes to fetch the key that opened the door at the end of the hallway, hoping that if he would reach safety in time, and evade his pursuer by locking the door back behind him.
In his haste to search for the key, he tripped on the fold of his robes, cursing the rogue mages for attacking the tower and that help wasn’t arriving to save him, the attack caught them completely off guard no one ever expected the tower to be attacked so sudden, the rebels took advantage of the war erupting and started raiding increasingly isolated towers for resourced or to punish the mages. He looked up to see the door, he sighed finally thinking that he reached safety, trying to get up, he heard his pursuer telling him that there will be no sanctuary for the likes of him, frozen in place for a few seconds, he turned to at least see his killer. The man standing before him was a tall human, his features barely discernable in his shadowy hood softly illuminated by the glow strange markings carved in his face, he wore dark blue robes with strange symbols on it, and he could swear that shadows moved around him and on his body. The strange figure stared casting a spell, but before he could finish it the hallway door suddenly slammed open, and seeing the figures standing in the doorway, the figure suddenly froze, as long forgotten and repressed memories suddenly resurfaced.

Mage art03

TO BE CONTINUED——————————————————-



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