Thousand Years of Sleep

Desolation Expedition Report - part one

Greetings Lord Inquisitor Bolest, as operation code dictates I have started making an report regarding the expedition to Desolation, due to the fact that travelling takes up most of my time I am unable at this time to submit a detailed report, a full report regarding the expedition will be submitted in person when I shall report for debriefing after my task is over. The vision that has started me on this path so far also proved to be true, travelling to the Valley of the Accursed confirmed the first part of my vision, in that devoid place, contrary to any rational expectation I encountered a nature worshiper named Sanak Firescale, a curious creature. When I encountered him he seem lost, without purpose and trusting the sign from my god I offered him a chance to regain some of his lost glory and a new goal which can give him something to focus on for now, when asked about his past he seemed apprehensive to go into details, will inquire more about this once he gets more used to me and more trusting. Together we hired a small fishing boat from a coastal village to get us across the Khurman Sea, not wanting to draw attention just yet to us by arriving in Port Balifor via a larger vessel. As instructed I made no attempt to hide my status and allegiance while in Port Balifor, as you suspected almost soon as I landed, agents of the Dark Knights approached me and my companion and started questioning us regarding our business in the local lands. As we discussed I tried to provoke an response from them my telling them my mission in this area was to investigate the activities of a evil organisation in this land, they seemed to dismiss my remark, and only made us register to the local authorities as visitors. I think it may not be prudent to return to the fortress via a route from Port Balifor, better they believe that I perished in the Desolation during my mission. While preparing for the journey ahead we were approached by a very strange couple, two young red haired mystics, as I learned by travelling with them. The male, a mystic named Zerth Z’hol or something like that, the cockier of the two started talking to us by complaining that the effects of blessings our deities have bestowed upon us bothered him by radiating to much light. Zerth seemed at first nothing more than a local, trying to prove himself to his mate by taunting strangers, but looks can be deceiving, during our common travel he proved his abilities on more than one occasion, gifted with some forecasting abilities and an rudimentary ability to influence others and events to go according to his will. His mate a female, named Evelyn Crypton, I believe, seems to be a bit distant, not as flamboyant as Zerth, but very deadly, on more than one occasion I witnessed her unleash immense elemental explosions, utterly obliterating anything or anyone opposing her. I must admit i have heard about mystics but travelling with them makes me wonder how can the mages allow such powerful individuals to roam the lands unchecked, yes they are as different from mages as they are from regular people, but the devastation then can wreck is just as great. After talking with them we decided that it would be safer to join forces while travelling into Desolation, plus travelling with someone that already knows this area, can prove invaluable to my mission, I have yet to reveal to them my true objective, all I told them is that my order sent me to investigate the activities of a cult operating in the area that might be related to a cultist found in the fortress from where I came, also the nature worshiper seems to be very suspicious of their appearance, he feels that there is something unnatural with them, for now I have advised to him to drop the matter, we have more important tasks and dangerous foes to defeat than to waste time investigating potential allys.

The Desolation is more dangerous than I could have ever expected, anyone living here is either extremely brave or desperate, while passing through the mountains to enter the desert area we encountered some ogers while seeking shelter from the insane weather around here, I see why the lord Paladine showed me where to find Sanak, without his help and his connection with the land crossing the desolation would have proved almost imposible. The ogers seemed a bit more civilised than the local brutes roaming the mountains near the fortress, but like all ogers they still eat people and even had some afflicted kenders as slaves they wanted to sell, not willing a confrontation so early in the journey and because I am not yet accustomed with the laws of this land, Sanak and I decided to buy the slaves and release them when we reached the tribe of the two red haired mystics. As soon as we entered the desert area from the mountains we were attacked by locals, but unwilling to risk the lives of the kenders and waste resources we avoided them.
Eventually during our travels we reached a desert outpost, were we could resupply and gather some more information about the area. There we met a gold dragon, a completely unexpected in such a remote place, according to him, he is the guide and protector of this settlement, after gaining some insight from him regarding the area and some useful information about the upcoming trials. Soon after our conversation with him the outpost was attacked by a crazed copper dragon commanding the lost souls of the desert, we aided in repelling his attack but I was mortally wounded during this, the nature worshipper managed to heal me, but his healing was not without consequences.
We eventually continued on our journey, but not after taking a small detour to do a quest for a local druid that the male mystic had asked to perform a ritual on his cat to bless it with sentience, what a waste of time and resources for such a foolish undertaking, but not wanted to lose the mystics support we agreed to help him.
I will add more information as our travels continue and when I have some time to make a proper report about our journey. So far the vision proved true, but I feel the true test is yet to come and the journey through this forsaken place will seem like a pleasant memory compared to what horrors we might face when we reach our destination.



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