Thousand Years of Sleep

Desolation Expedition Report - part two

As I said in my previous report, I once again have some free time to continue writing my report, the people I travel with are proving more and more interesting, we have encountered a strange device that has the ability to bind souls to bodies, I’m still not sure what to think of such a device, but it appears to be very hard to control.
As for my companions, one of them it seems has the soul of a lesser devil bound to his body, I do not know yet if such a thing was achieved with that machine, or something else, but none the less I have decided to not jump to conclusions yet, during my time travelling with him he did not display any tendencies towards evil and while first divined he didn’t appear to be evil at all, I shall keep observing him, and should he prove compromised, I shall take quick actions to make sure that a devil will not walk free on this realm.
In any case that last two companions didn’t prove that interesting, one possessed the soul of a strange dragon, and one was just a plain ork, we are continuing our journey to the Pick of Malistrix, our next stop should be in Kendermore, I will try and continue the report there, since right now travelling takes up all my time.



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