Thousand Years of Sleep

Part I - The rise and fall of a nation

Nomads by iririvThe lands of Khur had always been the home of savage people. Tribes of men, goblins, orcs and ogres rode forth and made war upon each other for what little spoils their tent camps could hold. Bot for a nomad warrior even a sack of flour or a couple of cattle was a small fortune.
This is the world little Keja came into. Unwanted byproduct of the aftermath of such a battle, kept in his tribe only out of mercy and due to his mother’s pleas, little Keja became an introvert, focusing more on communing with the spirit world rather than with the other people. Still, his wisdom and strength in magic were unquestionable, so eventually he found himself the spiritual leader of his tribe, named as her successor by the tribe’s shaman on her deathbed. In his new position, Keja dedicated himself to the wellbeing of his people. He taught them better craftsmanship and agriculture, his magic making water and plants sprout from the hard desert soil. His views often brought him at odds with the tribe’s warriors and chieftain who thought his new ways were ‘soft’ and ‘unworthy of a true man’, but not only did Keja provide the people with more, but also his magic and the beasts he could call to his aid proved more than enough to keep their more safe from neighboring tribes.
Then the Drowning came, and much of the land and people were swallowed by water. Completely unaware of the events in the larger world, Keja could only see one reason for it: punishment from the gods for the blood and suffering the warriors of Khur had inflicted upon each other. The very fact that his tribe’s land had remained untouched was proof that the new way was better and pleasing to the gods. So it needed to be brought to all the people of the desert. Some smaller tribes listened; others mocked him, and refused to give up the old ways. So Keja went to war. He hated it, but proved every bit as capable in waging it as he was as a peace time leader. Soon, all the people of the land answered to him and called him ruler. Under his leadership, they built magnificent cities and irrigation networks. Desert city by gamefan84Khur was forever changed. What Keja, in all his wisdom did not understand was that a man’s spirit can’t be bent so easily. Even if the warriors of yesterday held plows and hammers, they still dreamt of holding swords and spears. Many people felt that wielding so much knowledge and power, their nation should put it to use and strike at its neighbors, but Keja would have none of it. So the people turned to his sons. For moths they were told in secrecy old stories of brave men riding forth in battle and coming home to their families covered in glory and spoils of war, and they were led to believe this was what the men of the nation longed for.
So one day his sons and close advisors confronted Keja: the people wanted him to lead the nation to glory and great plunder into war against the ogre kingdom of Blode. When he would have none of it, they asked him to stand down and let them do it, which he would also have none of. He had built his nation for peace, and peace would it be. Fighting broke out, but not even a strong druid as Keja could hold off so many experienced warriors and mages. Wounded and full of bitterness he fled into the desert. His former advisors regretfully announced their beloved leader had died, and then the country plunged into chaos. Unable to agree on anything, each threw their loyal supporters at each other’s throat with weapons more destructive than ever before.



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