Thousand Years of Sleep

The god in the machine

Sanak whispered a prayer of thanks to the spirits for leading him inside the machine’s mind. The experience had been exhausting and dangerous, having led them all to the verge of death several times, but the chance of seeing his children again made it all worth it. Even if it was all inside a dream, he had the chance to say the things he should have said and do the things he should have done, and that made him feel a bit more at peace with his past.

That warm feeling was quickly cast off as the machine spoke to them, and offered them grim news. The elan village elder was a clone of something or someone called Eldar Cain of the Black Library, and he was making undead elans. Sanak knew little about other planes (not enough to have any idea what that Black Library was anyway, but he told himself to ask Malik when they had a moment alone), but undead, and even more so undead aberrations was something he understood all too well, and hated from the bottom of his heart. This Eldar Cain needed to be stopped, and, to his satisfaction and relative surprise, Z’ol agreed.

But that too needed to wait. The machine was quite knowledgeable and also revealed the cause of the current state of Desolation: Malys’ skull totem was still in her lair, and the trapped energy was still twisting the landscape. Moreover, the same energies were pulling another plane of existence toward Ansalon, and the resulting collision would irredeemably destroy most of Desolation. By the machine’s estimation there was less than 2 days left, so time was of the essence.



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