Thousand Years of Sleep

Zerth's log Stardate 8472.5

Aaargh, what am I writing. I should have a week’s time before my mind disappears. I feel as though my every memory is being rewritten, twisted into the madman’s own. To recapitulate – I have one, only one week to stop Ixori and save the world – for now at least, kill the madman’s surviving body and then destroy myself. This went better than I expected. His desire to be me instead of killing me will be his undoing. My only regrets go to Eve. She should know how I feel even though I’ve never told her. I can’t even dream of a nice afterlife, having a devil’s sould and all that. And then is that damn Icax … I’d give my powers to know whom he really serves. Even so, he will have to be trusted, at least for a little bit. By playing with time, Ixori is going to be his own undoing.
Whose voice was that … “you are out of time” – very well, i will do exactly this – I will be completly out of time – outside of it that is. The forge will not appear for another 3 days, and we have 13 more hours to prepare till the batle at Sanction. With the vilage’s suppor I will have enough time, knowledge and power. I will prepare outside of time and not even Icax will know my plan. Hopefully I’d have made one till then.



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