Intelligent rapier

weapon (melee)

Imago: +2 Wounding rapier, on its hilt lies written in draconic: “In manus vestras anima ego reflectere”.

It’s blade resemble shards of broken mirror that have been set into place and held together by molten steel. Despite the fragile appearance, this weapon is incredibly tough, deadly, and razor sharp.

In the hands of someone without the appropriate Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, the weapon is akward (-4 penalty on attack rolls). Imago itself, the blade, can, at times, lift this difficulty, practically wielding himself, but doing this is very strenuous to him and usually chooses not to.


Rapier (Imago)- intelligent item, a motto is written in draconic on its hilt: “In manus vestras anima ego reflectere”. Inside the hilt of the blade is a Nerran Sllit (a leader of the Nerra race, fiend folio), tricked, trapped and bound to the blade, Imago ….. but upon grasping the hilt, he can, if he so chooses, to …… In this manner, after the wielder releases the handle…… within 1 mile of the blade.


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