Time Scar

weapon (melee)

+1 falchion, but in the hands of a true eternal blade it be much more


It was rumored to have been forged by the gods during the time war, having the potential to slay dragons and even the gods themselves, in the hands of a chosen of the goods it would have had the potential to bring down the mighty time dragon.
In truth the blades creation wasn’t so divine, the gods weren’t the ones who made the sword, but one of their chosen, Silvanos, who forged the blade for a long forgotten hero of old, a mighty warrior who had once saved Silvanos life before the gods blessed him, and founded the order of eternal blades. Their initial goal was to protect the elves, while they learned magic, and then serve as guardians to the created towers. For his pledge of protection for the towers, and the loyalty he and his order swore to Silvanos, they forged Time Scar, to symbolize this bond. Time Scar forged by the best blacksmith the elves had, the forging in itself was something spectacular, forged in dragon fire, with the best ore they had in stock, and with time crystals, some rumored to have been belonging to Ixori, others from the crystals the wizards used for the time stasis ritual. It was said that the blade imbued the one who unlocked its true potential with unnatural alacrity, and manifested it’s true power. After the blade had been forged and properly sharpened and prepared by its crafters according to the hero’s specifications, it was handed over to Silvaons and his enchanters to perform the necessary rituals of high magic to imbue the blade with power. For the enchanting ritual the good dragons also provided their help, adding some powerful and long forgotten enchantments. In the time it took to forge and enchant the blade, the order of the eternal blades, had built an stronghold near the main wizard tower, in which they had constructed a special chamber of their founder and his new fearsome weapon, a chamber called the hall of blades, later after their founders death it would become a place where they would hold their most sacred artifacts and relics, it was here where the blade was blessed by the high priests during a grand ritual, to consecrate the blade, and have the blessing of the gods upon it.
After the fall of the founder, the care of Time Scar was entrusted to the elites of the eternal blades, the faceless legion, they were the silent watchers of the order, the ones who watched over the order and made sure that everyone did their duties and respected the teachings laid down by their founder, and guard the most sacred artifacts of the order. It was rumored that the sword tested it’s wielder to see if he is worthy of using it’s true potential and only those who are truly worthy can unlock the blades true power. Now it’s Praenumbras turn to prove himself, entrusted with the care of the blade by his masters, even from a young age he and the blade had a calling one towards the other, the blade seemed to swing faster and more accurate in his hands than in any others. He spent years proving himself until allowed to wiled the blade on the battle field, now all that remains is to be seen if he truly is a chosen of the blade

Time Scar

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