Thousand Years of Sleep

Evelyn Cryption - the beginning
Evelyn Cryption


Evelyn Cryption is a female elan made from the body of a dragontouched human, with the blood of a red dragon and the soul is a small piece of the Dark Lady Takisshis, a piece that she managed to rip from her soul when she was imprisoned.

Evelyn grew up in the region Balifor where she fought with her inner hatred. Hatred nourished by the flashes of memories in her mind, memories of the body that remained as a history stored in the brain, and memories stored in the soul of Takisshis.

Memories of the body are of Draconica Tarja (the owner of the body) which was a dragontouched human with the blood of a red dragon; she was short tempered and very passionate about people that became important in her life. She was a queen over the Castle Crimson in the Northern Ergoth, thanks to her wild nature she had a lover, the keeper of the castle, a green dragon named Zoldian Ethan. They had child together, Draconica Leya, when the king found out that the princess was not of his blood war came on them. The king fought with the keeper of the city which wanted just the treasures of the kingdom, during the fight Tarja took a fatal blow, knowing that she may die and her daughter Leya will be banished after this fight she called for an old enemy with whom she fought many years before she became queen, he called for a silver dragon, Aragnoth Bright. They stopped fighting each other because they acknowledged themselves as being worthy of mutual respect. Knowing that he was able to protect her daughter, and because of his nature he will not refuse the calling of help, she gave Leya to him to protect and raise her.

Memories of the soul are from the Dark Goddess Takissis, memories that are more like her last wishes before she was imprisoned. She wanted to kill Palladin, she wants me to find her followers and bring them all together to help her escape. Evelyn would be like a compass, a compass that points to where Takissis is chained.

Evelyn being tormented by her memories, fought to build her own, to fill her mind with her own ideas and the soul with her own emotions. She hated the idea of having a written destiny. She trained her mind and soul to suppress the memories and emotions of Tarja and Takisshis.

She had help from a little boy Zerth Z’ol, elan, like her. He helped her create her own ideas. Helped her clear her mind, to surpress the memories and emotions of Tarja and Takisshis. They did stupid things together, having fun at Zerth’s expense. The joy that they had together brought her stronger emotions and built more important memories, her own memories.

One day because of her will of training her mind and her strong soul she was accepted by the tribe mystics. She was trained by Gregan Cryption a Psychokinesis master. Even Zerth was called to the Dubka – main village administrative hut, to be trained.

During her training she found her way believing in the Goddess of Lust and Sea, Zeboim, a goddess that represents for her the freedom of choice, the freedom of taking the path where your pleasure leads. Zeboim represents the beauty of evil, the freedom of making a choice even if it is an evil one, the pleasure of just doing it your way, making your own destiny.

Also she learned to control the amount of power that comes from her soul, from Takissis, theoretically being able to bring her at the surface to have the ability of having the five dragon breaths for a short period of time, but her body is not strong enough to maintain the dragon breaths. She will have to train her body not just her mind.

Many years past by, the two of them were in different places training with their masters. One day when Master Cryption acknowledged her as a full grown Kineticist disciple, he took her back to the tribe where she received the tribe’s tattoo that signified adulthood, and the name Evelyn Cryption.

After a short time Zerth came back too and also took the name of his master Z’ol and the tattoo of adulthood.

Although they both had the tribe’s tattoo of adulthood, when they were together they were still acting like kids, but just for the sake of their memories together because their bodies and eyes said otherwise, they both learned things that required a level of intelligence, wisdom and responsability.

They both talked about leaving the tribe….

Zerth - the early years
The old history that is unwritten yet

Raised in the ruined region of Balifor, Zerth spent most of his early years chasing after girls. Technically only one girl, Eve, but let’s not get technical here. School rushed by him as he attempted to learn all that he could. His remade body was like a sponge for information.

Then one day a stranger appeared. He spoke to the vilage elders and requested him by name. He would never forget that day. Eve who had just been accepted by the tribe mystics came running and called Zerth to the Dubka (main village administrative hut – 3 stories high – portable – assembled and disassembled each time the tribe moves – no magic, access only by invitation from the village elders – they usually set trials). Normally he would have ignored her believing it to be just another one of her tricks, – to get him punished – but this time he sensed the truth behind her words. Following her and her new authority as a mystic trainee he entered the Dubka and for the first time he was not thrown out. The stranger having taken his shirt off showed the many scars of a rough life but even them could not hide the Dulak – the tribe’s tattoo that signified adulthood. The stranger said without looking at him – ‘My name is Z’ol, i came from afar to train you. When I am finished you will take my name and follow my teachings.’
Even without seeing the stranger’s face, Zerth felt that Z’ol was watching him, awaiting his next move. When he started to speak, Z’ol said exactly the same words, with the same vocal inflections – it was like an instantaneous echo. After trying to speak a few phrases with Z’ol finishing them for him, he realized that his future teacher was showing him what he would learn.

As a reward for studying his lessons, Z’ol took him on long journeys, throughout the Blood sea of Istar. They saw the rugged coast of the ogrelands, the Horned bay of Mithas and the Window of the Stars. Then on one day, a day that he had seen – now that his training was nearing completion – Z’ol said to him: ‘I have taught you everything that you could learn. From now on, your name is Zerth Z’ol, seer of our people. Always look out in the mirror of time for them. Go now to the Dubka and receive your Dulak, you are a child no more.’ Saying that, he handed him a sealed letter and added one more thing before leaving: ‘Open this in one week’s time from now, not earlier.’

He tried all that he could, but he could not See what was inside the letter. At the week’s end, he opened the letter and read:
‘Zerth, you may be wondering why I have never told you my name. It is Zerth. I am the older you and we are trapped in a time paradox.
I was trained by myself as now are you. I do not know the intricacies of time paradoxes but this letter is my way of fighting them. I had received no such letter from myself, just training. If I shall still exist when I return to my time – about the time you are reading this letter, I do not know.
I sometimes wonder how many generations of us are caught in this time loop, but for my part I tried to break it. If the universe still exists, it means we at least have some wiggle space with this paradox and that you will have more choices in training yourself.’

Thalin Avondale

Thalin was born in the small port of Schallsea, third son of a Solaminc sailmaker. Unlike his two elder brothers, young Thalin showed little inclination toward mastering his father’s craft. Instead, he displayed an inquisitive mind and an unquenchable lust for knowledge. Having set aside enough cash from sailmaking and with his two eldest sons ready to inherit the family business when the time came, Thalin’s parents were quite happy to indulge their son’s passion for learning so they sent him to study at the Citadel of Light.
Lacking native talent for Mysticism (and at that stage quite unsure what native talent for Mysticism was exactly) Thalin more than compensated it through his methodical approach. His spells did not come from any sort of ‘inner strength’ or devotion to a god, but rather from carefully studied formulas and gestures. Still, the undeniable fact was that they were as much divine spells as those of his colleagues.
Some people in the Citadel were outraged by Thalin’s way of doing things, declaring it ‘an abomination’, ‘too wizardly’ and ‘against everything Mysticism stands for’ among other things. Goldmoon on the other hand would have none of that. She recognized the value of both people who did things instinctively and people who did things with of knowledge and understanding. So Thalin stayed at the Citadel.
More than that, his diligence and astounding intellect made him progress quickly through the students’ ranks and he soon graduated. Then, at Goldmoon’s personal request, he became a teacher.
Thalin spent many years teaching Mysticism at the Citadel of Light, and at the same time continuing his own education in various fields from the numerous tomes of knowledge that could be found in the citadel’s library, but in all those years he had never climbed The Silver Stair. ‘Because there was nothing there for fake people with fake magic’ some whispered around the corners, but the truth was Thalin had learned so much about so many things he began to fear the unknown. He found comfort in things he knew everything about, and The Stair was not one of them. He had read countless tomes discussing its origins and power, countless of accounts from people who had climbed it, and all those had failed to pierce the shroud of mystery surrounding it even one bit. Eventually he reached the inevitable conclusion he could only learn more by climbing The Stair. His curiosity was balanced by fear, but curiosity won in the end so one night he set foot on the first step.
At first nothing changed, he was climbing a stair like any other, but soon, a pleasant, comfortable darkness began to engulf him. The Citadel and the earth below were farther and farther. Soon, it was only him and the darkness. Then he saw it in the distance: a world, probably not unlike Krynn, and he was heading straight toward it, and fast. As the world grew bigger, he noticed a point on land shining like a star. As he moved closer and closer, the star grew, until it revealed itself to be a city of shining white. People in white clothes were happily going about their business on white streets between white buildings. And in the middle of the city, atop a white tower that dominated it , a man wearing white scholar’s robes was surveying the city, looking extremely content.
Everything looked perfect, than Thalin saw it. At first a small dark spot between two buildings, the shadow grew bigger and bigger. As he looked up he saw it’s source: a globe of solid darkness heading straight to the city, growing bigger with every minute. The man in white robes kept surveying the city, calm and content, even as the shadow engulfed his white tower.’ How can he not see it?’ Thalin wondered. ‘Is he mad? He has to do something’. And then the man turned his face in his direction, gazing at him with empty eye sockets: he was blind.
The globe collapsed over the city, and everything became darkness again. Next thing he knew, Thalin was sitting at the base of The Stair.
What he had seen was completely clear and logical in his mind: the white city was an allegorical representation of Istar, the globe of darkness was the Cataclysm and the blind man could be no other than the Kingpriest, blinded by his own arrogance and intolerance. But what was the meaning of the vision? Certainly to draw his attention to some detail about the fall of Istar he might have overlooked. So he headed straight to the library, pulled out the two best-documented accounts of the event and he began reading. That’s where Beryllinthranox’s attack caught him.
Standing among the debris, Thalin finally understood. The white city had been the Citadel of Light, the dark globe was Beryllinthranox and the blind man was none other than him. The man that could have seen it all coming and do something about it had he not been blinded by his own belief he was infallible. So many good people had died because of him. He would make it right. He had to!
Thalin politely refused the invitation to be part of the reconstruction efforts; he had other things to do. The only way he could see to fix the damage he had caused was to find Tasselhof’s time travel device himself, and go back to a moment before the attack.
Months, then years of search passed and Thalin was not closer to finding what he was looking for than on the day he had left Schallsea. He was about to give up when he came across an interesting scroll, lodged between the pages of an old book in a shop in Sanction. It was a manifest issued by the municipality of the City of Lost Names, detailing the weekly work assignments of the slaves they owned. One line in particular drew Thalin’s attention: ‘2 men – masonry work at the Anvil of Time (deliver to Overseer Galan and erase from records)’. He knew the City of Lost Names had been a city of powerful mages, and something named ‘Anvil of Time’ in a city of mages had a pretty good chance to be connected with time flow manipulation in some way.
The sources on the Prime Material regarding the Anvil of Time were few and far between, as most of the records had been destroyed with the city. It was enough to confirm it had been a time machine of sorts, but not enough to actually get to it. So Thalin had to turn elsewhere for information. The best plan he could come with was to contact the ones that had been most involved with building and powering the City of the Lost Names: the forces of chaos and evil. It was hard work, as demons seldom gave their knowledge willingly. They needed to be properly compensated or threatened.
In the end however he did it: between that and his own divinations, he learned that he needed to be in a certain place in Khur at a certain time…

The man who fell trough time and space, the story of Aemos Ezekyel Aximand

Blighton tempestiousThe thirst, the thirst was always the driving force behind my experiments and ambitions, if was what drove me and was in the end my downfall; it led me to my greatest achievement and also to my fate, the worst fate imaginable for a knowledge seeker, forgetfulness.
You may be wondering of what thirst I’m talking about, well it’s the thirst specific to every human, and great scholar, the thirst for knowledge, that thirst for things new, the curiosity that drives every human. That impulse that drives you to keep on searching, to keep looking for more and more answers for all the great questions in life and solves it’s every mystery. In my case this desire could not be slated, no matter how many textbooks, tomes of arcane spells or lore, or even long forgotten scripts I studied.
Oh, there I go rambling on again, I even forgotten to introduce myself, Aemos Ezekyel Aximand, is my name; lore seeker and knowledge gatherer and preserver; and this is my story.
Before joining the towers my life wasn’t very spectacular, the son of elven eternal blade soldier and an apothecary I received a human name after a soldier who had saved both of my parents life during a war, but unfortunately gave his life; so my parents named me after him as homage, to the man without who’s help they wouldn’t have had the chance to meet and raise a family. I can’t say that my parents were great wizards or knowledge seekers, my mother used to read a lot of books and I guess it was due to her teaching me to read and nurturing my love for knowledge that brought me along this path, if it was after my father’s wishes I would have become another faceless soldier that would have died on the field of battle in someone else’s quest for glory or foolish cause. As a small child I showed some magical abilities, and a thirst for learning and collecting all sorts of lore, during one of my birthdays my mother and father using their connections managed to get me a book about magic, a simple thing really, now that I think about it, a book of minor cantrips, that I quickly mastered. They gave it to me initially as an sign of affection, and to appeal to my curiosity and love of learning, never expecting me to actually master any of the spells in it, but seeing I had actually a lot of talent, my father used all his connections to enlist me in the tower of mages as an apprentice. That was how it all started, from one small book, as soon as I joined the tower I started to burry myself in books, some very obscure, mostly forgotten by everyone. Some I got access from my teachers to read, as a reward for my quick progress and abilities, some that I managed to sneak out of the library and study in my room. I started working in the library, as an assistant at fist, as a way to get access to some of the rarer tomes. During my time spent in the library I came across some exotic books some buried so deep in the sections of the library that most had forgotten about them. As I studied them I soon realized why, some contained rituals and incantations that summoned creatures from the outer planes and described ways to bind them and bargain with them in exchange for some powers, other contained more exotic spells, that were either obsolete, or long forgotten research notes of long dead wizards, for most wizards they were either to dangerous or to useless and were left to be forgotten in the library, but for me this were valuable pieces of insight into the arcane. At first as a young apprentice I was afraid to actually bind an outsider, so I was content to just study them and learn what they had to offer. I continued to split my time between studying to finish my training, becoming a full fledged mage, and starting to experiment with the research notes I found.1289363029771
After I finished the apprenticeship I dedicated all my time and efforts into studying all the more restriced books and tomes that becoming a mage provided access to, I started to document and catalogue everything in the library, it was like a home to me. But after I studied everyting I had access to, I still wasn’t able to quench my thirst so I turned to the rituals I learned in order to learn more. At first I summoned lesser denizens of the outer planes that I was sure I could control, later as I grew more confident on my abilities and knowledge I began summoning more and more powerful entities, the insight I gained from the lesser ones proved critical in my attempts at negotiating with them. As I summoned different denizens to learn what I could from them, I meet Quiqkos, the knowledge and secrets he possessed made everything I thought I knew and learned so far seem like nothing. Oh the things I learned from him. He was reluctant at first to share anything with me, mainly because I seemed like a child dabbling into things far beyond his capacity to understand, but as time passed he started to realize my potential, and that I was more open minded than most of the mortals he had encountered until now, and saw my thirst for knowledge was far greater than that of any one he had encountered until me. He started teaching me at first simple things, how to improve the spells I knew, to improve my binding techniques and the pacts I made with other denizens, and how to use the power of the pacts to empower my own arcane powers, he even thought me how to make my spells transcend time and space. I would spend time discussing with the all sorts of subjects from every area imaginable, and he seemed to enjoy my company, soon enough he became one of my closest friends and advisors, his help and insight proving to be invaluable in my efforts.
As time passed I quickly raised through the towers ranks, unwillingly at first, but starting to see benefits that my new ranks offered me I started to put some effort into speeding the process. Mostly because of the knowledge I possessed, the skill and social graces I had, I eventualy became the personal adviser of the towers archmage. One of the main benefits of this role was the access to part of his private library, where he kept the towers most valuable and forbidden tomes and scrolls, that only he and his inner circle had access to. The archmage was getting older, and was soon approaching his final days, and asked me to take over as archmage of the tower, I was honored and interested by his offer. This new rank would grant me access to all the towers resources and knowledge, without being hindered or having to explain anything to anyone, but I soon remembered the constant distractions he was subject to, having to attend all those meetings with the other tower archmages, taking care of the towers every need, being constantly busy. So I politely declined the offer, seeing as it would distract me from my studies. With my position as personal adviser to the archmage I started researching scripts and tablets recovered from various dig sites and started sending my apprentices to uncover more from other that I learned by deciphering the artifacts uncovered. After the archmage passed away his newly appointed succesor seemed overwhelmed by the responsabilities he now had, but with my help he started to settle into the role of the towers new archmage. Once again because of my knowledge and experience, I proved invaluable for him, and as a token of gratitude he considered me his equal and offered me a time shard for my research. With Quiqkos’s help I managed improve the spell that isolated the tower in case of an attack.
Tumblr lfo2yq27 xe1qzdubgo1 500Since the war started I became more and more aware of my own mortality, even though I’ve been spared from participating in the war, mostly because of the importance of my research, and the help I provided by teaching mages that fought in the war more and more devastating spells. I still was confronted by the horrors of war, seeing many mages and apprentices fall, and even some of my students, such a waste, some had a lot of potential, but seeking fame and glory declined my offer to help them stay and aid my research and took part in the war. Aware of my mortality I began searching for ways of preserving my body and mind, the way they were, my experiments mainly focused on time manipulation, again Quiqkos proved critical in this experiments, as I learned from him besides being a keeper on knowledge, he had the ability to transcend time and space, at what extent he refused to tell me even after all this time, but with his help and the time shard I had in my possession I began researching a ritual that might offer me the immortality I sought, even by being an elf I could not hope to live forever, and as time passed I started to fear the ravages of old age.

During my experiments for immortality, I learned of an experiment conducted in a neighboring tower that aimed to bind a soul into a mechanical body, such an experiment if successful might provide an alternate solution, if my own experiments don’t yield the desired results. I send one of my most promising students, a young binder, oh what has her name, I keep forgetting, not so long ago I was barely a young student myself and now I have so many helpers and apprentices and I can’t even remember everyone’s name, how time passes. I sent her to that tower to provide whatever assistance that artificer conducting the experiment might require; I have no doubt that she will prove invaluable for his experiment. As a token of appreciation for the young apprentice I sent to him, he sent me a small pocket watch, one of his new mechanical contraptions, along with a letter of thanks, as I suspected my student had played an essential role in his successes.1254624679194 I decided on a new approach on my own experiments, seeing just a simple arcane ritual won’t achieve the desired results, I turned to the time shards for some answers, if I can harness the power contained in them and somehow manage to apply the effects of the temporal stasis field on my body, essentially freezing my aging process, or somehow allowing me to exist in 2 time frames at once, in one time would stand still or pass at a much slower rate, virtually halting the ravages of time on my body, while still being able to interact and exist in the current time frame. If this experiment succeeds not only will it represent the pinnacle of my long years of research and studies.


Studies on the shard aren’t going as well as I hoped, distractions keep appearing, ever increasing war matters, keep me away from the experiment, it appears that more and more towers are getting attacked, and are forced to use the temporal stasis, to save themselves from falling, from what I hear from the soldiers and mages on the field, the attackers are closing in on our tower. I hope I can complete the experiment before we are under attack, using the temporal stasis is still very risky and its effects are still unpredictable, especially if the spell is not properly cast, granted it’s not as risky as before, when the duration and the effects of the field where unpredictable and the duration was completely random, even with my improvements to the spell, if not activated properly and the ritual rushed it can still prove dangerous.
Seeing as the war draws closer every day I started making preparations in order to save my work, everything I have collected so far and the lives of my students, I case my experiment fails and I die, or when the tower falls, I still wanted to leave something behind, so with Quiqkos’s help, and a secondary time shard I have managed to create a extra planar sanctuary. I named it the librarium eternus, a vast library constructed in an extra planar space, where I sent all my students and materials to be safeguarded. I saw this as an solution that every knowledge seeker should employ eventually, create a pocket plane where only those who know the correct ritual can access, and where he would store his most valuable tomes, in my case I wanted to create a legacy. I wanted to create a safe haven for anyone seeking knowledge, enlightenment, and freedom of thought. Initially I thought of creating the tower just for myself and my students, but faced with the possibility that I might die and not be able to oversee the evolution of the tower I had instructed my students to start expanding the librarium on their own, to carry on my legacy. I told them that if I’m gone to start recruiting promising new members that shared their desire for knowledge, and to provide them with a place where they could expand they knowledge uninhibited by simple concepts such as ethics, simplistic views on what should be studied and what not, a place where they can learn anything and everything without fear of censorship. The rules I gave to my students where simple, the librarium is open for any type of knowledge and welcomes anyone who can help expand its repository, regardless of their history or philosophy, the only thing it asks in return is that they don’t do anything that might affect the librarium or its members. Its role was to be a safe haven for any knowledge seeker, and provide access to as many types of knowledge possible, it’s existence was to be kept secret from any one that did not share this passion for learning, or might be a danger for it.61digital image02 m211
With the fact that even should I fail I would still leave something behind me I continued my experiment with renewed purpose, until it finally happened, the tower was under attack, the bad part was that due to the volatile nature and complexity of my experiment I wasn’t able to move it to the pocket plane, out of fear of how the two time shards would interact. Such a huge mistake I made in rushing my experiment, I was getting desperate, abandoning the tower could mean losing all the progress I made with the experiment, and it was not a risk I was ready to take, so with the help of Quiqkos I hoped to complete the experiment and retreat to the librarium before the tower falls. So as the tower was under attack I decided to start the experiment, consequences be damned…oh what a huge mistake I made.
As Aemos began the experiment, so did the archmage of the tower begin his out of fear that the tower would fall prey to its attackers. At first Aemos’s experiment was going well, the ritual was starting to have the desired effect, but then suddenly the tower’s protective stasis field activated and interacted with the experiment. The effect of the two rituals interacting with each other was ripping open a rift in times and realities causing Aemos to fall in it, and was thrown randomly between times and different realities. At first the jumps where very short and erratic, sometimes the jumps in an reality would last for a few seconds allowing him to actually take in his new surroundings, rather than experiencing a blur of images and sensations. The horrors and wonders he witnessed, he saw worlds burning, vicious battler where people would be torn apart, serene surroundings and sometimes he witnessed in a few precious seconds the life on a civilization, watching the passing of several decades for that civilization in a few seconds. He traveled between planes, going to all the levels of Celestia, Hell and the Abys, he visited for a few seconds Mechanus, he visited the astral plane, the plane of shadows, where for some unknown reason he lingered for a few minutes, he even visited a lot of planes unknown to anyone. Suddenly the jumping had stopped, he waited for the next jump, but nothing happened, he was suspended in total darkness, weightless, able only to feel strong arcane currents flowing trough and around him, suddenly he heard laughter, distant at first, but it got louder and louder, a strange deep and outwardly voice laughed and started talking to him. The entity spoke to him of the irony, that after other gods tried to imprison it in a realm where not even its other half could reach it, a poor lowly mortal managed to reach it, fate had a strange way of making things happened, and smiled as it told him that it would bestow a great honor upon him, it could sense his thirst for knowledge and power, and as a reward for finding it and breaking it’s monotonous imprisonment would bestow a small gift on to him, for giving it hope that it would be soon be reunited with its other half and bring an end to the age of civilized people. Aemos felt a sharp pain filling his being, and then he was thrown back into the chaotic serios of jumps, this time they were more intense, and took him to more and more dark places in an attempt to break his fleeting sanity.
The series of events he witnessed during this new series of jumps eventually drove him insane, whether it was fate or just dumb luck, he came across Quiqkos in some of his jumps. Quiqkos at first didn’t recognize his friend, but the outsider had a very special ability, he could exist in multiple places at once, and share a single consciousness with all his copies. Eventually he managed to stop Aemos from his jumps, but how horrified to see the state of his friend, barely resembling the man he knew, and was puzzled by the strange tattoos that had appeared on his friends eyes, they weren’t part of any ritual, spell or culture he knew. Trying to help his friend he started to absorb the residual energy from the ritual, to stop him from jumping, and entered his mind to purge the memories of the jumps and restore some of Aemos’s sanity, but as he started working an isolating the most intense memories he heard a laughter, and a dark voice patronizing his attempt, asking him where was the fun in restoring this pitiful mage to his former powers, and that it had much more grander plans for him. Then the two entities fought Quiqkos to save his friend, and the other entity tried to consume Quiqkos and his power, seeing he was facing a far more vicious and powerful opponent Quiqkos, used the energy he gathered so far from the ritual to save himself by jumping into a new reality and hoping to take a vast part of the dark entity with him where he could quickly dispatch the wounded and stunned foe. Quiqkos attempt at salvation both his own and his friends hadn’t been in vain, during the time he spent fixing his friends memories he did manage to restore his salinity, but the abrupt ending of his attempt had drained a lot of Aemos’s power and forced him to make one last jump into the unknown, he eventually woke up in an field outside of a town at night, standing up he tried to remember what happened.
“Who, who am I, how did I get here, damn my head hurts, wait, I , I remember a name, yes Aemon, Aemand, Aemos, yes Aemos, Aemos Ezkyel Aximand, yes I think it’s mine, but who am I, I seem to remember some sort of chant and ritual, but, ahhh, it hurts to try and remember more, I think, I am a wizards, yes definitely, I recall some spells, but ahh, damn why can’t I seem be recalling more about my identity.”
Eventually I searched my belongings and found a few books, I found a small book of spells that I used for my travels, a small fraction of the ones I used to have, but I helped me to make more sense of who I was and what had happened to me. I eventually remembered some lesser binding rituals, and bound a outsider named Naberious, I remembered that he valued knowledge and hoped, rather foolishly, that he might have some answers for me, unfortunately , he didn’t so I made a pact with him, hoping that his abilities might prove useful and dragged my robes cowl over my head and made my way into town and find a tavern, where I could rest and gather my senses. I stumbled into the first tavern I saw and sat at a table, not paying much attention to what happened around me, I did see a couple of red headed humans, at least I think they where humans, drinking and making a lot of noise, aggravating my head ache, and a rather odd fellow with a strange sword on his back, I could sense magic radiating from it, strong magic, this three people did stand out from the rest of the crowd and caught my attention, but I quickly dismissed them and returned to searching my belongings and trying to make more sense of who I was, in a warmer and more cozier environment than an open field in the middle of nowhere. Oh but again what I fool I was to dismiss those three so quickly, never expecting what fate had prepared for us, the things that followed were completely unexpected.
Field in the night by slimack

Time and the Rose

Shadows, shadows and fever
No one hears him cry so he turns to evil
Only now, only now does he know

Pains, always those pains
Once he turns that way he will do it again
Only now, only now does he know
Silver doom, unseen moon will show

As they dance under the moon, they bring doom
He calls her friend and says he’ll change
She calls him friend and he decieves again
Flowers, a scent of flowers
Always on his mind so he decieves her
Only now, only now does she know

Love, love makes her blind
Soon she follows him through the doors of time
Only now, only now does she know
Silver doom, unseen moon will show
As they dance under the moon, they bring doom
He calls her friend and says he’ll change
She calls him friend and he decieves again

The story of Harad

Born and raised in a beautiful seaside castle along the coast of Northern Ergoth, nobody ever asked Harad whether he wanted to be a wizard or not. His mother had died at birth, and in the Rhun family, one of the richest and most influential noble families of Ergoth, everyone with the slightest trace of magical talent had been a wizard, so Harad got sent to Gwinned to wizard school.

There, despite not showing any spectacular inclination toward wizardry, he was hard-working and intelligent enough to progress at a reasonable pace. Soon, Harad began to appreciate magic because it made things easy. And the praises of his tutors kept his father(who kept a close eye on Harad’s progress) happy, which meant the money kept coming.

What he dreaded was the Test of High Sorcery, especially since the stories that circulated among the students told that merely a wizard in ten would pass. And Harad has serious doubts he wouldn’t be one of the nine who didn’t. On the other hand, he didn’t think the life of a renegade wizard was much better either, especially since it involved leaving the comfort of his family’s social and financial situation. He concluded that the only solution was to interrupt his arcane studies before he got strong enough that the Conclave would force him to take the test. He hesitated for quite a bit before taking the decision, since he knew it would bring great disappointment to his father, and his father wasn’t exactly the most understanding person he knew. He expected opposition from his father , but what followed after he rode from Gwynned to Castle Rhun to inform him of his decision. After a long speech about how nobody in the Rhun family was a quitter, how he was an ungrateful son, and how failing because you were unable to succeed was completely understandable, but failing because you didn’t feel like trying was an unforgivable sin, he pulled out a chest of gold coins. Handing it to Harad, he glacially informed him that from that moment on he’d be stripped of all aid, wealth and titles that he would receive as a member of the Rhun family until he’d walk through the castle’s gate wearing the robes of one of the Orders of High Sorcery.

It was a hard blow for Harad, but it didn’t deter him from his decision. Living far away from his family might have not been what he had in mind, but living beats dying in the Test any day of the week. So he returned to Gwynned, liquidated most of the collection of arcane books his father had bought from him, and booked passage on a ship to Solamnia.

Eventually, Harad found a quiet hillside village, where he bought some land and a house, and began living the good life he had always longed for with the aid of magic and the cash he had received from his father.

He spent seven peaceful years there, and yet all changed one morning, when a scared farm boy woke him up with loud knocks on the door. The boy brought a finely crafted sword with him that he claimed he had found in the fields and that it talked, demanding to be taken to the nearest mage or knight.

Convinced the boy had been nothing more than the victim of a prank from a travelling wizard, he promised he’d look into it only to make him calm down. However, once he remained alone with the sword, he discovered much to his dismay, that it was indeed an intelligent sword capable of telepathy. It started asking about the Time War and, not liking Harad’s answer, started babbling stuff about Time Bubbles, multiple timelines, and a threat of impending doom to the whole world.

Harad had no desire to indulge the sword and go wandering the world looking for godsknowwhat, but he soon found out he had little choice in the matter. The sword was powerful enough to resist his attempts to control it, and had little qualms to employ more physical means of convincing once it had run out of arguments. So he had no choice but to leave, at least until he could find a way of getting rid of the sword. He tried it twice, but every time the sword had found it’s way back to him, and the reunion wasn’t exactly heartwarming.

Faltering skies
A voice upon the wind? Wind, however, there is none. Secrets of old, whispers told only in tongues lost to all but those who speak them. Shimmers on the edge of consciousness, on the very verge of colliding into existence, yet somehow distant, yet immaterial, yet… elusive.

   The path through secrets deep and fires old,
   Through stories stemmed
   Through stories ancient, never told.

   The beat of hearth and heart, 
   The light of wax and wane, 
   That pulled our worlds apart. 
   In darkness light shall shine
   And through the mist,
   The vision of planets that align.

   A stroke of luck, the hand of fate,
   In silence builds
   And the hour has grown late.

   For what once died will rise anew,
   From hearth and heart
   Where the answer is in clear view.

Songs on wings of destiny, whispers on talons of time, secrets on grasps of fate.

The time is nigh.


Listen to this while you read:

Cheers lads.

Shade's Journal 3
A new friend

Today I decided to test the new rapierish weapon. A quick prayer to M. and i took it out of its sheath.
Surprise, it’s alive.
This is an interresting take on immortality.

He says his name is Imago. The runes on his blade describe him as a reflection of my soul.
I need to be diplomatic about this as my polar opposite shouldn’t agree with anything I do just as I probably wouldn’t agree with him.

Imago has a frivolous personality and is a goody too shoes. Just as expected, though I have the advantage – I’m willing to tolerate him in exchange for his power. If I can convince him to do the same, I’d be willing to help him meet his objectives – as long as they don’t contradict M.‘s.
Until now he’s shown abilities exceeding those of the most powerfull intelligent items in history.
He wants my help to allow his original race – the nerra – to come to the prime. I accepted and he seemed to accept my service to M. – will need to be carefull of this.

Tried woodcrafting the mandolin. Even with M.‘s blessing it’s going so slow – I’ll need to research a spell to accelerate the process.

Back to the town again. Imago’s abilities help, but he’s so frivolous it’s hard to convince him to do what is needed. Maybe I can do something about the opposite personality enchantment.

Time for a new mission – finally liberate the town from disorder – kill the leader of the resistance.

Daenor got some info, the foolish leader fell for his guise and provided him with her exact location, providing for an ambush. Need to prepare.

Blasted, she managed to escape. The paltry spells I have acces to can’t stop her. Need more power.
At least, the resistance is finished. The town is fully under dark knight control – gaining us a powerfull ally.

Need more power, need to prepare better, need to take the test to see if my existance is worthy.
Life … or unlife without power, as a simple puppet, I will not accept this.

Shade's Journal 2
Time Flies

Day 12

or is it ?

Becoming immortal has it’s disadvantages too. Can’t really feel the time pass.
All this extra time I used to spend sleeping must be spent somehow.
Started making a mandolin – need to pass the time.

Boredom setting in.

Ideea. Need to speak with Draconica – if I’m right, I deciphered the dragon’s musicbox’s secret.

OOC: Caligraphy starts to improve and the ink starts to become uniformally dried

I think the music is the key – but to what ? Doing everything possible to memorize the song.
Asked one of M’s imps to bring me some hellwood. The mandolin must be special.

Daenor returned today with two ettin skeletons. When did he leave ? Said something about breaking the golem and fixing it.
Seems the golem is a lightning rod for souls. Wonder how long till the next soul.

Liked the old one better, the new soul – Praenumbra seems an idiot, always trying to help and stuff. Will need to work on molding him to our ways.

Stayed up all night watching the stars and the leaves. Didn’t even notice when morning came. Need to stop wasting … time … weird that I wrote that as I have all the time in the world.

Went to the city again. Daenor got some new pets. The legion of steel is laughable.
Dogah gave us an interesting mission – to sink a ship.

They never expected it. Explosions from below, the ship starting to be pulled under. Victory is ours … but wait, a collosal dragon shadow, lucky he was more interested in saving useless elves.

Treasure, a present for Dogah, and a new friend: Imago.

Towncrier: A World Reshaped (post Pashin 4 update)

At certain moments between sessions I will be giving updates on the overarching changes and developments of the world that were shaped by your actions. The one that follows is after session number 6 (order was: Intro, Emergence, Pashin 1 – 4) also referred to as Pashin 4.

You’ve made some powerful enemies, but some powerful allies too.
As a result of your actions, the Khan of Khur, Sahim, has allied with the Dark Knights of General Dogah, and has declared open alliance and free passage with Neraka, looking to unite the tribes of Khur under one true rulership. The Kanji, Khan of the Mikku tribe has vocalized his disapproval and has fled to Ak-Khurman seeking aid of the Steel Legion and declaring Kurman and the surrounding lands restricted to unauthorized knights of Nerakka. More Khans are expected to do the same, and form an alliance of free tribes.
The minotaurs of Sargasanti (former Silvanesti), and the Ogres of Blode are both expressing disapproval of the expanding influence of the Dark Knights in Khur, but are staying out of it at the moment, the minotaurs continue to amass troops from the blood isles. It was also revealed by the ambassadors that the minotaurs have allowed a ship of elven refugees to pass through their lands from Pashin to Kurmosti as a gesture of political benevolence, but her fate is unknown to the greater world, some believing the minotaurs have sold the elves and the Legion out. As such, no new non-minotaur ships have been allowed to make the journey up the Thon-Thalas river.
For the moment, the events have only transpired in and around the Bay of Balifor area, and the world at large is yet to reach a conclusion, with the Solamnic High Council in session and deciding a course of action, as agents, ambassadors, and knights are on their way to the nations of the region.

This is the general layout at this point, influenced by your actions. I’ve left out the smaller details and instead opted for a more general view; hope you enjoy.

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