Thousand Years of Sleep

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An old man for a new world

Why in the name of all gods did everything had to go so wrong from the outset? Daenor couldn’t help but wonder in his times of reverie. The tower, attacked and overwhelmed when he had been so close. His father, dead. The dragon, driven mad. The time bubble, gone wrong, and him cast 1000 years into the future. He’d be lucky if anyone still remembered the Time War and what they had fought and died for.

And to make matters worse, he had to face it all alone. All his friends, companions and people he could count on were either dead or driven mad by the collapse of the bubble.
Still, regardless of ‘if’, ‘but’ and ‘why’ he was here now, and all he could possibly do was work with what he had, and try to make a difference. He WAS going to make his father’s sacrifice count, he WAS going to find a way back and hang that accursed dragon by the entrails of his own minions. And at least undeath was practical: it had freed him of all the littlethings he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy anyway, and left him completely free to focus on the task at hand.

So he gathered everyone he could find still sane inside the tower. Sadly, ‘everyone he could find’ was not a very encouraging sight. The dragon’s guards were brave and skilled fighters, no doubt, but that’s all they could do, and Daenor wasn’t planning on fighting anyone for a while. As for the rest, they were a weird bunch.

The dragon girl, now free from the careful eye of her dragon tutor seemed too rash and impulsive to be relied on. She was a natural speaker and leader of men, no doubt about that, but she seemed to lack the necessary intellect and drive to do anything practical with it. But maybe she can be ‘nudged’ into a useful direction.

The one called Shade on the other hand seemed much smarter. And dangerous. He apparently liked to pretend to be somewhat insane, doing random stuff just of the sake of it but Daenor didn’t quite buy it. He would have seriously considered ditching him somewhere had it not been for his favor with Mephistopheles. The possibility of throwing some raging devils onto Ixori’s demon hordes was just too good to pass up, and as such Daenor decided to keep an eye on him and hope the potential reward outweighed the risk.

Then there was the sentient golem. A small wonder of arcane craftsmanship, he seemed to be a loyal and dependable companion. Still, every time he looked at him, Daenor couldn’t help but feel the sting of envy. Right there, in the tower, under his very nose, somebody else had succeeded where he had failed.

The outside world was, as expected, vastly different, with the Time War merely a long forgotten piece of ancient history. Still, Daenor, found it quite suiting to his purpose. The Dark Knights had reformed, seeking no doubt to erase the shame of their treachery. The new ones seemed pleasantly close to Ariakin’s ideals of cold-blooded efficiency. Powerful allies, no doubt, and he was determined to earn their trust and respect.

And Nuitari was still out there as well, and in a surprisingly benevolent mood, as he rarely offered gifts otherwise. And if he was still there, then so were the Orders of High Sorcery.

Shade's Journal
First sacrifice

Day 9 of the rebirth

My new companions are interesting to say the least.

  • The dragon has a fiery temper … was to be expected. I can’t tell yet if she likes me or not. Seems like she’s always ready to help or set me on fire. Need a way to get under her skirt … I wonder how undead sex is.
    Note. She doesn’t like being called ‘chick’.
  • The archmage’s son seems to thrive being undead – undestandable considering he studied undead for all his life – he could be usefull to me – there is much to this new life that I do not know yet. Also he has his fathers’s spellbook. It is of no use to me for now, but it will be.
  • The golem is fascinating … he’s actually sentient. I wonder what was in his creator’s mind when he made it. To link an inert slab of stone and metal to nature … fascinating … unfortunately the big thing doesn’t know who made it or how … I need to investigate this further.

Day 10 of the rebirth

We were attacked by some demons … Finally I can put the new altar i ordered to the test. Hopefully the lord will like it.

Day/Night 11 of the rebirth

Today i’ll sacrifice the demons. I need to know Mephistopheles’s orders. Hopefully he’ll consider the bottle a nice touch.

Day/Night 11 of the rebirth – later

It worked. i finally have my instructions. It seems M. has big plans with me and I need to get stronger.
Daenor also made a sacrifice. Lunitari favors him and gives him a new magical robe.

Project Vigil - Subject 15, Code Name "Tallon"


Slisvors Qual – Personal Research Jurnal

Day 1: I have presented my idea of a sentinel to watch over us in case we have to activate the time bubble to archmage Gwavir and got the resources and aproval to start the research. If i am succesful i will not only create a soldier capable of ignoring the effects of the time buble, but also something that might replace the eternal blades that usualy provide tower protection, and also save the lives of some of the fallen.
The idea i had was simple, we allready have the knowledge to build golems, but thoes constructs are simple midless automatons that obey their masters commands unable to make decisions on their own or adapt as the situation changes, that is why i am now attempting to create an … sentient construct. I have named the project Vigil, the name seems apropiate, they shall be our stallwart wathcers, never tiering, never going hungry, never aging, forever vigilent and ready to serve the tower and it’s ocupants.
Archmage Gwavir was kind enough to provide me with a small team to aid me with the task of binding a living soul to a lifless construct, the soul gaining this way a new body, an imortal body. As for the team memebrs provided by the archmage am i am little puzzeled, along the rettinue of clerics, wizards,carftsmen and artificers i have requested, the archmage provided me with 4 new very interesting and unexpected members. The first is an totemist named Estever, strange thing this totemist, i have never encountered something like this, aparently he can manipulate the magic within himself and channel it trough some small totems he carries that give him the ability to assume the characteristics of magical beats, very interesting, The second member of my team is a binder named Randra, she is aparently knows how to contact and bind powerfull souls of long dead humans or outsiders, and also contact other planes, trough the means of a very obscure and aincent rituals, a very usefull ability for our undertaking. The last two members are what realy surprised me, the first is a dragon, yes … a dragon, a full fledged, ok … not a full fledged dragon, but a rather young one,named Eng’aru, acting as an liaison between my team and the towers dragon, granting me access to some of their knowledge, some of them posses aincent spells and secrets that might prove usefull to my research. The last member of my team is an necromancer named Shullust, with some experience in binding souls to corpses and sumoning back the spirits of the dead, he will provide me after some inital experiments with the spirits of some lost souls to serve as power and inital test subjects, odds are this souls will be mad, will serve only to prove is souch an undertaking will have any chance of succeding.
I am eger to start experimenting, i hope that my experience and skil as chief artificer for the tower will not fail me, i havent fought so hard to get to this position, just to fail now, at this undertaking, that is posibly the hardest task i have faced so far, making trinkets and other oddities for the tower, was trivial, but this … this is finaly a challenge, this will be my gratest work so far.

Day 15: We are finally prepared for our initial experiments, i had devised a simple array of tests in order to make sure that our tests are successful. I have prepaired an array of test bodies, varying from a fully mechanical one, to a corpse of an dead rodent. I have chosen rats or mice as inital test subjects, because they are easy to control and train. I have tasked Estever and an small group of helpers to train the rats to navigate a small maze, being rewarded with some fine cheese at the end of the maze. HA! you should have seen the look on Estever’s face when i first told him his task, he was outraged, him, a totemist a man who can take on special qualities of magical beasts train some rats, him behave street urchins and lost souls doomed to spend the rest of their miserable existence in squalor, to play with some rats, god does he have a short fuse. But he finally saw what i had intended to accomplish with this experiment. Eng’aru and Randra were quick in performing their tasks, Randra is actually quite scary, there sheer knowledge she posses, i didn’t even have to explain to her the process of binding an elemental or how to imbue an item with magical essence, she even came up with some obscure necromantic rituals that surprised even Shullust, i can see now why the archmage appointed her to my team. So as for the experiments at hand the goal is simple we will attempt to affix the souls of the dead rats to the new host bodies and then make them run the gauntlet and see if they remembered the solution to the maze and if they will try to eat the cheese, the rat corpse will be the control of the experiment, Shullust will try the necromantic rituals he knows and the ones we researched and see if the rats will retain some of their memories or at least some of the basic instinct. I am eager to start, i have already some ideas for the human sized constructs, depending on the results of this experiment i shall see which are feasible and what i should modify on further prototypes.

Day 20: FINALLY, SUCCESS, after many trials and errors we did it, we finally did it, a damned rat remembered the solution to the maze and actually reacted to the cheese and this happened again when we tried with a couple of new rats, each one remembering the course and reacting with the cheese. The first experiments where terrible, to mechanical rodents, i realise now where so shocked of their new bodies that couldn’t even adjust to them, unable to move or feel anything of their environment, just banging mindlessly into an wall, quite depressing actually to see and experiment fail so bad. Also the control tests where successful, if we wanted to make deranged rat zombies, Shullust tried every spell, ritual, and incantation he knew, but none had any of the desired result. I laughed at first at Estever’s question, why didn’t we use the same ritual on the rat corpses that we used on the artificial ones, i explained to him that the way an essence fixes to a new body varies from type to type, the iron ones used a different one from the clay ones, and so on, what his question help me realise is that we could combine the rituals, cast them simultaneously or in a certain order, and see the effects. We have been so focused on devising a new spell that we forgot to try and further experiment with the ones we already knew, and surely enough after a few trials we managed to bind a soul of a living rat to a dead one. I now realise that an traditional artificial body will not do, while a spirit can animate said body, it can’t really feel it’s environment, so an new body is required, while useful, taking care of an already dead body requires more maintenance than a living one. I have started working on an new body, a hybrid, an combination of organic and mechanical parts, something that is easy to maintain and repair in case of injuries or breakdown, i fear it will take some time and heaps of dead rats until i am able to create a body that will meet the requirements, at least there is some good news for one of the team members, Estever will no longer be forced to train the damn rats, but he doesn’t have to know right away, he he, he really seems to be getting attached to the little critters, let’s not spoil his fun right away.

Suddenly, dragons.

Dragon blood. The two words kept echoing into Daenor’s head ever since he took the time to look inside Tallon’s body (he wasn’t entirely sure at what point he had actually started thinking of him ‘Tallon’ rather than ‘the golem’ but that was a philosophical matter Daenor wasn’t willing to spend much time on). That had to be it. How could he had missed it? Dragonblood had to be the key to the creation of intelligent life. Every single living thing that had been created by a mortal on the face of Ansalon: draconians, dragonspawn, and now his unique mechanical companion. Now all he needed to do was to get some dragonblood and put this theory to the test. One more reason to bring Namihas (named the silver dragon in the tower, if you have another name for him, feel free to replace) back to his senses as soon as possible. But for that he needed the favor of general Dogah and his dragon.

General Dogah, Daenor noted, not without satisfaction, was exactly the kind of man he hoped he would be: ruthless and decisive. He was quick to act in light of the answer he got from Daenor’s divination and move to seize complete control of Pashin. He also saw the presence of a hungry demon horde inside his area of influence as an opportunity, rather than an issue. Such a man might prove a valuable ally indeed.

Even his other two companions were beginning to prove less trouble than he had anticipated, but he wasn’t going to let his guard down. For now, he will keep watching them discreetly. Better to be ready than dead.

There was only one cloud on Daenor’s sky: The Steel Legion. He didn’t get the chance to learn much about them, but based on his first impression he had dismissed them as little more than rabble, a ragged band of men who had found the knight’s life too tedious. The first two encounters did little to change his impression of them: walking in the middle of your enemy’s stronghold in broad daylight shows bravery, no doubt, but expecting to actually get much out of it shows nothing but foolishness. So Daenor advocated quick and decisive action. Taking out their ship was supposed to be quick and easy, and prove a suitable warning, not to mess with them again. He had underestimated them. A lot. The shadow of the dragon looming over water as the ship went down was a clear enough warning regarding how close to death they had all been. His companions might have been ignorant of the matter, but Daenor had seen Namihas and his offspring fight often enough, so he knew perfectly well what a dragon that size was capable of. And no band of renegade knights attracts the support of such a powerful dragon unless there’s more to them than meets the eye. Had Daenor known the Steel Legion had access to a dragon, he would have probably adopted quite a different stance toward them. But such is life. He had been dealt a hand, and had played it to the best of his knowledge and ability.

Also, as his experience too often proved, dwelling on what might and should have been proved significantly less productive than planning for the future. Dogah was hopefully on his way back with his dragon, and they had possession of at least a part of the Legion’s dragon’s hoard. As much as he loathed killing a dragon he had no quarrel with, it just had to be done. For it would find no rest until it would track down the last bits of it’s hoard, and have it’s vengeance on the thieves. As far as Daenor was concerned, if the battle was unavoidable, he’d rather fight it when he was ready and the dragon was not rather than the other way around.

Upon a wave of summer - The Story of Praenumbra
Looking up after a hard day’s work Ertas noticed a small band of armored warriors approaching the village where he lived. One of the warrior approached and asked him about the area and the name of his village. During their discussion Ertas told the strange warrior that this was a remote village, it’s inhabitants wanted to escape the general bustle of the larger villages and cities and live a quiet life. They chose this area because it was near a trade rout, and once every 2-3 months trader caravans would pass through their village and trade with them, plus the area was fairly near the Thon-Thala Tower and the area was generally well protected by the towers guards and casters. Smiling the human left Ertas and went to report to his commanding officer, puzzled by the sudden good mood of the warrior, Ertas returned to tending his fields as the strange band of fighters made their way into the village, what also lingered in his thoughts was the fact that the strange man didn’t ask for directions to a tavern, or asked about a place to spend the night as travelers usually do.

A few minutes barely passed when he saw a fellow villager running from the village, Ertas started to move towards him, quickly freezing in place as he saw the man felled by a well placed arrow trough his skull, the shooter shouted at him to join the others in the village if he didn’t want to share that mans fait, the thought of running crossed his mind, but he was faced by a well trained soldier and his chances of dodging that mans arrows where slim, plus he saw in the distance other soldiers rounding up the villagers in the fields and bringing them in town. Approaching the soldier he learned that their leader has killed the mayor in cold blood and had taken over his village, this where no soldiers, this where defectors, trying to make a comfortable life for themselves by taking over an remote undefended village. Usually the local area was free of raiders, most of them being too afraid of the dragons in the tower or the casters inside; this was supposed to be a fairly safe and peaceful area. Why did these men did betray the tower, his question was soon answered, this men were cowards, as soon as they heard about the beginning of the war, and that the time dragon has be released, they turn tail and ran from the tower, seeking to make an easy life praying on the defenses villages near the tower. They had good knowledge of the area and the patrol routes, they had the man power and gear to easily take over any village. The villagers knew they were in a dire situation, if they didn’t send a message to the tower soon their fate was sealed, no one would come to their rescue, so Ertas and 5 other men volunteered to make a run for it and try to reach a patrol and let them know of what has transpired in their village. They waited for a few days, just enough to take advantage of first weakness in deserters offered them, as is the custom with people, after a while they started getting sloppy, they weren’t the finest the eternal blades had to offer, and one night while the soldiers were getting drunk and taking advantage of the village’s women, the brave souls made a run for it. Overpowering their guards using makeshift weapons they snuck during the periods of forced labor enforced upon them, unfortunately the small window of opportunity they had quickly ended and soon some of the more sober soldiers where after them. Armed with the knowledge of the terrain Ertas and the others managed to evade the pursuers for a while, but weakened from the days of forced labor they quickly tiered and their pursuers caught up with them. Fuelled by rage and adrenaline from the chase they slaughter the villagers quickly as they caught them, Ertas was the last one left alive, he could almost see the tower, he almost made it, he surged on with renew hope seeing he goal getting closer and closer, soon he would avenge his fallen friends, and take vengeance on the wrenched sons of whores that destroyed the sanctity of his beloved village and raped his wife and the other women, but his hope was quickly shattered, along with this leg bone by a well placed arrow. He still carried on, despite the pain of his shattered leg and, fuelled by the rage when he thought of those still suffering and will continue to suffer if he would fail in this goal, he was crawling rather than running towards the tower, then another arrow hit him, well placed shot after well placed shot struck him, as the marksman fired carefully placed shots, as not to kill his mark right away and end his misery fast. The soldiers wanted to make him pay for making them chase him so far and making them risk being found by the towers patrols, still being late at night, there was still a risk that a late patrol would still be out. Ertas was barely holding on to life, his sheer determination kept him alive, as he rested on the ground waiting his inevitable fate at the hands of the rage and alcohol filled soldiers, his only comfort being the gentle summer wind, caressing his face and easing some of his pain. What happened next he couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw a shadowy figure emerging from the woods, then in a quick blur dispatched the first two soldiers that charged towards him, the marksman desperately tried to bring this new threat down, but none of his arrows found their mark, the figure was too fast for them, and before he could realize what was going on the marksman was obliterated in a lightning fast series of sword strikes. The mysterious man kneed beside Ertas, laying his odd looking blood soaked blade near him, he quickly asked from where did those men came from, Ertas mustering his last few ounces of strength explained to him what was happened to his village and how to reach it, and asked him his name. The man simply replied, that “This man has no name, only a goal that must now be fulfilled’’, he promised that he would avenge his village and what happened to it is unforgivable and will not go unpunished, he will personally take care of that so he could rest easy knowing his and his fellow villagers sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Hearing that, Ertas thanked the mysterious stranger and dew his last breath, after making a make shift grave for him the man studied the killed soldiers and headed towards the location of the village.
Dawn broke over the village, the soldiers starting to wake up after their debauchery last night, their captain worried that his men didn’t return yet, fearing that they might have been discovered by a stray tower patrol last night he ordered his men to start packing their gear, take that they needed from this village and move on the next, they would slaughter every last villager making it look like a bandit raid. Before they even started packing their gear one soldier from the patrol returned, badly wounded, he explained that the villagers got lucky and managed to take down one of their men, but in the end were no match for their superior training, unfortunately they ran into a small patrol on the way back losing the other soldier with him and ending himself severally wounded, but have managed to kill the patrol in the process. The leaded congratulated him for his victory against the patrol and the dispatch of the escaped villagers, and told him to help himself to any woman in the village and some food and wine, while the other soldiers took care of the villagers, they should move on, so that they won’t be discovered by an patrol sent to investigate the disappearance of the missing tower soldiers. Before anyone could react the wounded soldier quickly eviscerated the soldiers near him, and charged towards another group, making short work of them also, before he could realize what was going on the renegade commander was left alone with the wounded soldier. Trying to hide his fear, he demanded an explanation for what has just happened, the wounded man simply replied that a traitor doesn’t deserve an explanation, and that justice was finally served, for the way he had dishonored the order there was only one verdict, death. Before the commander could react, the wounded soldiers blade sliced open his stomach, feeling his life slip out of his body, the commander told the man that he only tired to look out for his men, why should he fight in a war in which he didn’t understand the stakes. The man explained to him that is was hi duty as an eternal blade to serve and protect the towers and the people of this land, not to question the reasons for doing so, as and final courtesy he would reveal his true identity so that he can go to the afterlife knowing who was that ended his and his fellow soldiers lives. The dyeing man and the villagers watched in shock as the wounded soldiers features faded away in a puff of smoke, revealing the form of a very strange looking elf, his stature was larger than the elf’s they seen before, his skin and hair were completely white, and seem to have some draconic features, his face had some very subtle silver scales on it and his eyes although completely white resembled that of a dragon. His armor was a very well polished and had an silvery look to it, and the blade he wielded was a odd looking falchion, although at first glance it seemed made of metal on closer inspection you could see that the blade was actually made from an very well shaped crystal.
After witnessing the quick dispatch of the soldiers who for a couple of days made their lives a living hell, the villagers approached the odd looking elf and thanked him for their rescue and wanted to know who their mysterious savior was. The elf said that they should thank Ertas, because he manage to get close to the road leading to the tower and, with his dyeing breath, managed to guide him to the village, he was very lucky that he encounter him, the only reason he was traveling at night was because he was supposed to have drop at the tower for a surprise inspection for eternal blades guarding the tower and deliver some urgent news to the arch mage, but he couldn’t have let such an horrific act go unpunished, he was disgusted by the thought of how far such noble warriors as the eternal blades can fall. He would make sure that the village would be taken care of and receive some compensation for their ordeal and for bringing to light such treachery. Before he started making his way back towards the tower, the villagers asked him if it was possible to give them his name, so that they could know who to be thankful to, the elf introduced himself simply as Praenumbra, of the eternal blades.

The fall of shadows - The Story of Praenumbra

Praenumbra left the village in high spirits knowing that he had brought to justice the wretched deserters that have shamed the order in such a gross manner, no one should go through what that villagers went through, and the thought that such an action had been committed by members of his orders repulsed him. He continued on with renewed purpose, remembering what his duty was in the orders, he was one of the silent watchers of the order, the elite of the elites, his missions was to ensure the purity of the order and carry on missions to dangerous to be undertaken by the regular troops. The message he carried contained critical knowledge for the tower about an impending attack, but doing his duty took precedence, dispatching toes traitors was an small distraction from his task.
On his way to the tower he spotted a small patrol from the tower, 2 men led by a young elf warrior, from their armor he could see that they were initiates from the eternal blade, and the elf leading them had markings granted to those that were amongst the best of their order, their elites. Praenumbra saw this as an opportunity to test the skill and readiness of some of the towers warriors, see how prepared for battle they were. Using the skills thought to him he took on the guise of an human traveler, not wishing to make his presence so quickly noticed, he would put the men trough their pace, plus no one except the arch mage was supposed to know of his true identity and mission. He waited in the cover, as the tree men approached his position, the in a quick motion he sprung and knocked two men unconscious, completely catching the 2 men of guard, the young elf reacted fast enough to block the follow trough of blow that knocked out his fellow soldiers. The young elf was not a regular elf, he was from the fire realms, highly trained and his skills very well honed, he was fast, almost as fast as Praenumbra, managing to keep up for a while with his superior skill and training, quickly catching on the fact that the strange attacker didn’t want to harm him, not severally in any case. The attacker was fighting with his blade still covered in rags, not using the blades lethal edge, catching on this he quickly switched to the dull side of his twin kukris, this was going to be a mock fight, his opponent clearly wishing to test his skills against a well trained agent of the tower. Both of them traded a flurry of hits, dodging and blocking almost every hit they threw at each other, but in the end the young elf was no match for the superior skill and experience of his opponent, quickly being knocked to the ground as soon as his opponent caught him off guard. After the fight his attacker apologized for the rude introduction, but smiling, he explained that he was a traveler wishing to test his skill against other warriors, and hearing of the towers elite soldiers, he wanted to see if their skill was as famous as the story claimed they were, and that he wished to visit the tower if possible. Reluctantly the young elf agreed that he would take him to the tower and introduce him to his captain and if possible allow him to exchange some techniques him them, the men clearly could benefit from learning from a man with such experience.
The road to the tower was eventless, the two men exchanging stories and gossip of recent events, the young warrior told his mysterious companion that a squad of eternal blades had defected a while ago and an that master Kryptman had dispatched a squad of blades to hunt them down, Praenumbra smiled subtlety hearing that, imagining the surprise and shock the troops will have when they discover that the traitors have been already dealt with. During the journey the young elf tried on numerous occasions to find out the name or at least the place where the warrior who vanquished them trained, receiving only evasive or cryptic answers in return, the strange warrior only saying that he would rather leave the past as it was, and that his reasons for keeping to himself where his own.
Arriving at the tower the warriors made their way to the barracks, clerics tented to the wounded soldiers, while the young elf went with Praenumbra to meet with master Kyptman, and introduce him. Kryptman was at first puzzled by the strange man, one of his sergeants brought before him, the man was unremarkable at first, being of average height and constitution, with no distinctive features or traits, but when he learned that he bested one of his most promising sergeants, that he had trained himself in order to join the elite corps of the eternal blade, he knew that this was no ordinary man. When asked about his identity, Praenumbra, simply stated that he was just a simple traveler, on a journey of self discovery, suddenly the commander froze of a second, and quickly dismissed the sergeant, wishing to speak in private with the “simple traveler”. As soon as they were alone, Kryptman, asked the man evasively at fist and unsure of the reaction and the answer the other person will give, if he would be on his journey eternally, and if he thinks that at the end he will be someone or just one of the many faceless. Hearing his reply Praenumbra smiled as he tossed the commander an small symbol, and said that is good to see some vigilance and that he had not forgotten the code by which some members of the shadow council identified themselves, and that he carries an message of the arch mage and the eternal blades and wises to talk to both Kryptman and arch mage Gwavir in private, somewhere safe from prying eyes.
They met in the arch mages chambers after he made the proper preparations, Gwavir asked Kryptman what he knew of Praeumbra, while they waited for him to arrive. Kryptman told the arch mage that he knew very little of a faceless legion, only stories and gossip he heard while training at the main eternal blade camp about them, they were the guardians and keepers of the order, their true identities known to a privileged few, they usually blended with the soldiers, not making their presence known until the moment they had to intervene. He had heard some stories about Praenumbra, that he was a elf from the northern mountains, that he was recruited deep from within the frozen mountains, from a clan of somewhat savage elves, that isolated themselves from the rest of the clans, and have changed over the time to adapt to their new environment. Before joining the order Praenumbra was an mercenary from the tribe, a bit feral and receiving some basic military training from the others mercenaries he worked with, but he was discovered by chance by an member of the faceless during a contract his squad had with the blades, and standing out from the other mercenaries, he had the potential of being a valuable addition to the ranks. Some said that he had the blood line of the founder of the eternal blades and that of an offspring of Silvanos, during his service in the order and over the years they noticed that he had also some draconic blood mixed somewhere in the blood line, because he started manifesting draconic features, the identity of his parents was a mystery, his mother was rumored to have died during child birth, the fathers identity being unknown, not even after numerous inquiries of his clans chieftain and members any new information of his origins had come to light, and the fact that he was a descent of Silvanos and the founder of the order, Pasanius, was found trough numerous divinations, at the request of the one who recruited him in the order, feeling that there was something about this elf, and during his service to the eternal blades he had proven himself time and time again, earning his place among the faceless and finally receiving the honor of wielding Timescar, one of the orders most sacred and revered artifacts. Kryptman admitted that most of this was based on rumors and some basic facts made known to him by his superiors, and regretted that he couldn’t offer more information on this subject, but he was cut before continuing by the sudden apparition in the room of Praenumbra. Smiling he told Kryptman, that he should know better than relying on rumors for facts, and that secrecy shrouding the members of the faceless legion was there for a reason.

Brave Sir Robin ran away

Going back to the tower certainly didn’t go as planned. He had hoped to slip past the Windscythes unnoticed or at least evade them until they reached some buildings, as fighting them would have been much easier in close quarters, but they weren’t so lucky, and the demons caught up with them in the open. Tallon fell, and so did the undead, while Daenor barely managed to escape with Tallon’s body, thanks to a psionic tattoo. Upon inspecting his companion’s corpse, he stumbled upon a book of notes belonging to his maker, including a detailed account of the creation process. Based on it, Daenor decided to take the body to the creation forge and see if he could reanimate it. The process was somewhat successful. The body was returned to life, but inhabited by a different spirit. There was no sign where Tallon’s spirit had gone other than an archon popping up to deliver a moralizing speech. Stupid celestials. They had risen their moral high ground so tall that they could no longer see what’s really going on in the world. The Time War had long gone beyond good and evil or any other petty moral consideration. It was simply a matter of continuing to exist or not. And Daenor was determined to do anything it took to stop Ixori.
The new inhabitant of Tallon’s body proved quite puzzling. A most capable fighter, he possessed intricate knowledge of Daenor, his father and the Time Bubble, but Daenor was certain he had never met him before in the tower. So that left only two possibilities: he was either somebody so high up in the Eternal Blades that he simply hadn’t had access to him, or he was a spy. While he really, really hoped for the former, he was determined not to let his guard down and be prepared should the latter come to pass. Also, Tallon’s master’s research notes proved a genuine gold mine of information. So much that he could apply to his own research…maybe he will finally succeed.
Meanwhile, the Dark Knights had been hard at work to strengthen their grasp in Pashin, both internally and externally. The elven resistance was on its last legs, and Daenor reluctantly decided to give a hand in ending it. He didn’t quite look forward to killing some people he had no quarrel with, but the less people the Dark Knights needed to keep on hand for dealing with various threats, the more able they would be to help him, and the bigger the role Daenor and his friends played in eliminating said threats, the more willing they would be. Drawing the leaders of the elves out proved unexpectedly easy. All it took was a Hat of Disguise and a semi-convincing story of a merchant willing to get his hands dirty for some extra cash. Disposing of them on the other hand, wasn’t exactly successful. Despite jumping head first in the trap set by Daenor in the sewers, the elves proved to be admirably well prepared for fleeing. Not so much for fighting tough. A couple warriors fell, and the rest made themselves scarce, leaving Pashin firmly in the Dark Knights hands.
Nuitari also sent instructions. Apparently the dark knights were to send Daenor and his companions after some artifacts, and as expected, the Devouring Dark wanted to throw a wrench in their plans. But before that, there was still the pack of Windscythes to deal with. A great opportunity to gain some more favor points with the dark knights, exert some revenge on demons and stall things a bit hopefully until Dogah arrives with the dragon.

Towncrier: A World Reshaped (post Pashin 4 update)

At certain moments between sessions I will be giving updates on the overarching changes and developments of the world that were shaped by your actions. The one that follows is after session number 6 (order was: Intro, Emergence, Pashin 1 – 4) also referred to as Pashin 4.

You’ve made some powerful enemies, but some powerful allies too.
As a result of your actions, the Khan of Khur, Sahim, has allied with the Dark Knights of General Dogah, and has declared open alliance and free passage with Neraka, looking to unite the tribes of Khur under one true rulership. The Kanji, Khan of the Mikku tribe has vocalized his disapproval and has fled to Ak-Khurman seeking aid of the Steel Legion and declaring Kurman and the surrounding lands restricted to unauthorized knights of Nerakka. More Khans are expected to do the same, and form an alliance of free tribes.
The minotaurs of Sargasanti (former Silvanesti), and the Ogres of Blode are both expressing disapproval of the expanding influence of the Dark Knights in Khur, but are staying out of it at the moment, the minotaurs continue to amass troops from the blood isles. It was also revealed by the ambassadors that the minotaurs have allowed a ship of elven refugees to pass through their lands from Pashin to Kurmosti as a gesture of political benevolence, but her fate is unknown to the greater world, some believing the minotaurs have sold the elves and the Legion out. As such, no new non-minotaur ships have been allowed to make the journey up the Thon-Thalas river.
For the moment, the events have only transpired in and around the Bay of Balifor area, and the world at large is yet to reach a conclusion, with the Solamnic High Council in session and deciding a course of action, as agents, ambassadors, and knights are on their way to the nations of the region.

This is the general layout at this point, influenced by your actions. I’ve left out the smaller details and instead opted for a more general view; hope you enjoy.
Shade's Journal 2
Time Flies

Day 12

or is it ?

Becoming immortal has it’s disadvantages too. Can’t really feel the time pass.
All this extra time I used to spend sleeping must be spent somehow.
Started making a mandolin – need to pass the time.

Boredom setting in.

Ideea. Need to speak with Draconica – if I’m right, I deciphered the dragon’s musicbox’s secret.

OOC: Caligraphy starts to improve and the ink starts to become uniformally dried

I think the music is the key – but to what ? Doing everything possible to memorize the song.
Asked one of M’s imps to bring me some hellwood. The mandolin must be special.

Daenor returned today with two ettin skeletons. When did he leave ? Said something about breaking the golem and fixing it.
Seems the golem is a lightning rod for souls. Wonder how long till the next soul.

Liked the old one better, the new soul – Praenumbra seems an idiot, always trying to help and stuff. Will need to work on molding him to our ways.

Stayed up all night watching the stars and the leaves. Didn’t even notice when morning came. Need to stop wasting … time … weird that I wrote that as I have all the time in the world.

Went to the city again. Daenor got some new pets. The legion of steel is laughable.
Dogah gave us an interesting mission – to sink a ship.

They never expected it. Explosions from below, the ship starting to be pulled under. Victory is ours … but wait, a collosal dragon shadow, lucky he was more interested in saving useless elves.

Treasure, a present for Dogah, and a new friend: Imago.


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