The Time Dragon is a result of the High God call during the creation of the world from the chaos of creation (in reality, the creation of the plane). The High God awakened and started calling
for other powerful beings to assist in creating the world, and Takishis and Paladine answered, as the embodyment of good and evil.

But unknown to them, a third was being manifested, a force of the universe taking the form of Time. As the other companion gods were being created, this force of Time manifested itself as a shadow, always present and accompanying them. It was neither good, nor evil, it was simply . . . present. Reorx shaped the great globe and the rest of the deities populated the world, each with their own blessings of plants, animals, etc, but neither of their blessings actually containes their essence of power, and thus, Time, although present in their creations too, was a flowing of moments, a current of balance and neutrality setting the order of things.
The primordial chaos is settled, and time can flow in an orderly fashion. Then Paladine and takhisis create the first 5 chromatic dragons, which are corrupted by takhisis, and these beings hold the essence of the two gods, and have control over arcane energies sharing a close connection to the primordial chaos that created the plane in the first place. Then the 5 metalic dragons are created by Paladine, and the All-Dragons war begins. Gods, dragons, beasts of the world, even darkness and light themselves war over the world. Chaos swirls, and in the midst of this war, Ixori, the Time Dragon, is born out of the conflux and energies of creation’s chaos. A conflux of Time essence, and bred out of War and chaos. He only seeks end, and pushing the Plane further through chaos, in an orderly fashion, towards the inevitable End, the one true conclusion. Not armageddon, not cataclysm, not death, just… end, the collapse of the Plane. Seeing the destruction that their war is causing, and the forces it unleashed, the gods unite (much the same as the Towers did during your time) to put an end to takhisis and her dragons. They eventually decide to seal the primordial chaos energies from the world into a place called the Beyond, creating the Dome of Heavens, Hidden Vale, and Abyss where each can live and do as he pleases, with as little interference to the world. In doing this, they manage to entrap Ixori between these “planes in planes”, between heaven, earth, and abyss. With his power diminished, the is left to roam the early world alone and in silence.
When the first spirits of the stars come into the world, influenced by the gods, Ixori is already tired, his connection to Time, the essence of the primordial chaos and order having diminished. The only way he could hope to get enough power is to absorb whatever energies are left in the world, the slow passage of Time, the shadow unwillingly left here by the Gods. And so he sets to sleep and wait, taking the long route towards the End.

Thousand Years of Sleep

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